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Arishine Magic Nail Polish Remover Review


Arishine Magic Nail Polish Remover is a great product for gel nails. I was so tired of aluminum foil and soaking my nails in acetone for a long time. I used the nail clippers as a substitute for aluminum foil, but still needed to soak for quite a long. One day when I was looking for a better solution for removing the gel nails, I found this nail polish remover. Arishine Magic Nail Polish Remover works on normal nail polish and gel polish without being harsh. It takes less time to use this product than soaking the nails in acetone or going to a salon to remove them.


Arishine Magic Nail Polish Remover looks like a bottle of nail polish. It’s easy to apply and store it. In order to have good results when using it, there are some steps you need to follow. First of all, you need to remove the top-coat / the shiny surface from your nails with a strip. After you prepare the nails, you can apply a coat of the nail polish remover, just as you apply regular nail polish. After you finish the application, you need to practice your patience for 3-4 minutes and then you can remove the gel nails. You’ll not be bored the first time when using this product, as you’ll be amazed on how will react with the nail polish. The polish will start to crack and seemingly fail from your nails. Once the time has passed, you can remove the residuals of your nail.



  • Eliminates the need to use acetone to remove nail or gel polish.
  • Much gentle for your nails than soaking.
  • Less time spent on removing the nail gel polish.


  • Cannot be used on top-coat for your gel polish nails and need to remove it first

Questions and Answers:

Q: Does It make my nails dry?

A: No, it’s gentle on your nails.

Q: Can be used on acrylic nails?

A: No, it cannot be used. It is only recommended for regular nail polish or gel nail polish.


Arishine Magic Nail Polish Remover is a much better solution for removing your nails polish or gel, than soaking them in acetone. We all know that removing gel nail polish is generally hard and needs some elbow grease. As we cannot avoid this little trade-off, we can at least use this product that will definitely make your life easier. For me is one of the top choices when removing the nail gel polish without worrying about bendy, thin, nails.