Beautiful nails at home
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How to have salon nails at home

In this post, we’ll talk about how to get your nails in place without going to a salon. We live hard times these days and why not get a little creative while staying at home and watching your favorite movie?

Step one: Smooth filing

Your nail technician would use a good nail file to make the nails gently roughened. Here, the gel or acrylic is not filed down, but ‘broken open’: the filing takes the acetone deep into the layers of the gel, which makes removal considerably easier.

Step Two: Soak cotton pads in acetone

Now the cotton pads follow. These are dipped in acetone and wrapped around each nail. This presses the nail polish remover against the gel or acrylic layer, but the cuticle is left out.

Step three: Wrapped your nails in aluminum foil

To keep the cotton pad in place, aluminum foil is wrapped around each nail. Then wait. At first glance, it may look weird (especially using the aluminum foil fingertips to operate a cell phone can be a challenge) but the longer the exposure time, the easier it is to remove it later.

Step four: Wait

Yes, yes, patience is a virtue. After about 15 minutes the acetone has softened the nail layer and then the aluminum foil is finally removed.

Step Five: You’re done

finished nails

Get rid of the slide. Now you will be amazed how much the gel has lifted off the natural nail. If there is anything left on the nail, you can repeat the process or scrape the rest off the nail with a wooden stick. Finally, the nail is filed and your nails are prepared for the next manicure.

And then you’re done. Now there is enough time for the more important things, like watching your favorite series, or shopping.